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Founded in 2004, Shanghai Youtuo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has a R & D center and production base with an area of about 1300 square meters. The R & D center is located in Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai (adjacent to Metro Line 5 and line 15), including synthesis center, analysis center, preparation center, registration center and quality management department.

Adhering to the concept of excellence, development and innovation, UTP has been committed to developing high-tech generic drugs, focusing on hormone, vitamin D, cardio cerebrovascular, tumor, diabetes, urinary system, anti infection, nervous system, iron supplement and respiratory system drugs. The company has unique experience in photochemical reaction and rich experience in the development of new process and new crystal form of API. Many drug development companies have successfully avoided foreign API process patents and crystal form patents, and have applied for patents and obtained authorization in more than ten countries. So far, it has obtained nearly 30 authorized patents at home and abroad, including 16 international authorized patents.

The company is equipped with complete equipment, software and hardware support for all kinds of drug R & D: full network workstation and audit tracking; the synthesis center is equipped with magnetic and mechanical stirrer with temperature control system, 1L ~ 100L double jacket glass reactor, 2-50l rotary evaporator, low temperature circulating pump within - 120 ℃; the analysis center is equipped with 5 sets of high performance liquid chromatography (with diode array) The main products are as follows: detector, ultraviolet detector, evaporative light scattering detector, ELSD and differential refractive detector), preparative liquid chromatography, imported Shimadzu gas chromatography (equipped with headspace sampling and automatic direct sampler, equipped with hydrogen flame ion detector and thermal conductivity detector TCD), Polarimeter, melting point meter, METTLER TOLEDO high precision electronic balance, ultraviolet analyzer, Wantong automatic potential drop The preparation center is equipped with different types of dissolution instrument, automatic hardness tester, brittleness tester, low temperature light tester, clarity tester, disintegrator, moisture tester, air flow pulverizer, freeze dryer, fluidized bed, high efficiency coating machine, dry granulator, wet granulator, 8 stamping tablet machine and pulverizer with excellent performance , sealing machine, mixing machine, drug stability test box and other special equipment for preparation.

The company has established close ties with a number of clinical institutions and bases, reached agreements with several large pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad, and established long-term strategic cooperative relations. At present, there are many successful applications. Research quality has always been regarded as the foundation of survival, closely following the trend of regulations. Relying on its rich experience in drug development, pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical market, the company focuses on drug technology innovation and is committed to building the company into a leading supplier of drug R & D and technical services in China.



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