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Patent status (B, C and t all indicate authorization)

Ivabradine hydrochloride HCl: 1

A stable crystalline form of ivabradine hydrochloride and its preparation method cn101284813b,

Ivabradine hydrochloride and its preparation method cn101353325b

Ulipristal acetate:

A stable crystal form of ulinastatin acetate and its preparation method: cn102675395b, cn103755765a,

Process patent:

Preparation of ulinastatin acetate and its intermediates

AU2012331996 (A1) AU2012331996 (B2) BR112014010263 (A2) CA2851399 (A1) CN102516345 (A) CN102516345 (B) EP2774933 (A1) EP2774933 (A4) EP2774933 (B1) ES2669052 (T3) IN2562CHN2014 (A) JP2014528459 (A) JP5913599 (B2) MX2014005245 (A) MX343774 (B) PL2774933 (T3) HUE037674 (T2) RU2014120908 (A) RU2624007 (C2) US2014296510 (A1) US9163058 (B2) WO2013063859 (A1)


Process patent:

Preparation of aprostol and its intermediates


Crystal patent:

A stable solvent-free alprostadil crystal type II and its preparation method

AU2015385707 (A1) AU2015385707 (B2) CN104761484 (A) CN104761484 (B) EP3269711 (A1) EP3269711 (A4) EP3269711 (B1) JP2018501317 (A) JP6457658 (B2) US2017298018 (A1) US9850205 (B2) RU2673889 (C1) WO2016141503 (A1)

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